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 I was born in Parkersburg, WV, where I spent the first week of my life. We moved to Shelbyville, IN, and then to Point Pleasant, WV when I was three. My father was a doctor in general practice. I believe this is when my great love of animals began. I remember many nights when he was called out into the hills to deliver babies. Often people paid him with smoked hams or a puppy or kitten to give to his little girl. We gave away the hams but kept the animals. I was delighted and passionately loved each member of our menagerie. 

 After a brief stay in Nogales, AR, when my father was with the U.S. Public Health, we moved to Columbus, Oh, so he could specialize in radiology at The Ohio State University. After he had finished four years of specialization, we moved back to Point Pleasant and we quickly re-established our collection of animals. Later I attended Marshall University in Huntington and graduated in English. I went on for a Master’s and then a Ph.D. at The Ohio State University. Afterward, I taught at the University of Rio Grande for six years, when I quite to become a full-time writer.

 I fell in love with and started writing mysteries when I was nine years old. They had intrigue, danger, and animals! I couldn’t wait until weekends came so I could forget school work and write a story. In college I tried writing “highly literary” short stories that I submitted to literary magazines. I even had one accepted. My love, however, remained book-length psychological mysteries with a bit of romance. I wrote my first book, BLACK FOR REMEMBRANCE, when I was in my early thirties and have never looked back.

  When I started out, I told myself that if I could publish five books, I would be satisfied. Then it was ten. I have just completed my eighteenth book and have further plots in mind. I hope my fans would like to see more books from me because I would love to write them!

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With Ashley at Tu-Endie-Wei Park
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